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Fashion Process and Skills Library Resources

For students in Michelle Nahum-Albright's PAFS 1422


This guide lists resources for PAFS 1422: Process & Skills for Fashion Design.

Also see the Fashion Design Research Guide.

Week 1 Artists Books

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Artists Books at The New School

Most of our artists books are in our Special Collections and Archives and can be seen by appointment (click on "Make an Appointment").  We have a sample of the front cover + 1 page of 100 of our artists books on our Flickr pageSome artists books can be found in the University Center Library at 63 Fifth Avenue, 6th Floor open stacks under call number N 7433.4, and they are still special even though they're not in Special Collections.

Resources for making your own artists book

Search BobCat, the library catalog, using the keywords handmade book or bookbinding.  Most of the books are under Z 271.  AAS Fashion Design students are considered undergraduates and may borrow an unlimited number of books from any of the New School or Consortium Libraries.  If you'd like to recommend a book for purchase, please use the form on our website.  You may also search BobCat for related keywords such as printmaking or pop-up books.

Imagery for your artists book

A page of our research guide on Images for Designers and Art Researchers is dedicated to hard copy images, whether from books or from amazing places like the Mid-Manhattan Picture Collection.

Claire McCardell

The New School Archives has approximately 9,000 of American fashion designer Claire McCardell's working sketches, covering the years 1931-1958.  The original sketches can be viewed by appointment.  A selection of the sketches are available online.

Claire McCardell, Townley Frocks 1958: Checked Dress with Sleeveless Jacket, 1958.  Fashion sketch.  The New School Archives Digital CollectionsKA0082_binder127_35.

Technical Support

The Information Technology website has information about printing on campus, the equipment center, and other resources.  The New School subscribes to, the technology tutorial resource, and you may create a personal account using your New School email address.

Week 2 Artists Book Alternate Format

Imagery for your artists book

There are tons of resources for finding digital images in the Images for Designers and Art Researchers research guide. 

Week 3 Short Presentation

If you're researching a designer, photographer, or personality...

Search the resources listed in the "Research a Designer" box of the Fashion Studies Research Guide (scroll down).  We recommend using a variety of sources for research, including books (for comprehensiveness and for images), periodical articles (for currency along with reliability), and websites.  If you're researching a photographer, you may want to also search art databases such as Oxford Art Online.

If you're researching a brand...

Search the resources listed in the "Research a Company or Brand" box of the Fashion Marketing Research Guide.

If you're having difficulty finding resources...

Contact us via our Ask Us service.