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Documentary Film Research Methods

Prof. Brew Spring 2012


Use the Books & More search form on The New School Libraries & Archives website to find books for background information and to obtain bibliographies (list of articles and other books) you can follow up on.

 Fill in Search Form with your Keywords

►Select: That Contain My Query Words         Anywhere in the Record

►Limit to: Book  OR Audio OR Video       

►Work interactively with your results to find more books on the same topic:
Check under Refine My ResultsSubject for suggestions in how to focus your search

Log In (upper right hand corner) in order to be able to read New School e-books online

Click on the Details link to get more information a book, including Subjects assigned to the book


Find Illustrated Books on a topic

Go to Advanced Search                                                          

Anywhere in Record   Contains   Your Keyword(s)                    
In Subject    Contains   Pictorial                                             


Advanced Search: