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Documentary Film Research Methods

Prof. Brew Spring 2012

Stock Photography Images

These images are meant for commercial use, but students may use images for visual reference. Make sure to follow licensing and copyright restrictions and get the proper permissions when you use any images for a film you intend to show beyond the classroom. 

Websites and Databases


Some of the following resources are only accessible through My New School under the “Library” tab, or through the Search Electronic Resources and Databases link on the library’s website when accessing from on campus. 

Google Search Tip

Use Google to find government or nonprofit websites, as well as websites from specific countries

Follow this pattern:

Keywords site:domain extension



Malcolm x images site:org
This search will exclusively return results from non-profit websites
Malcom X images site:gov

This search will exclusively return results from government website

Domain extensions:
gov - government
org - nonprofit organizations
edu - educational institutions
com- commercial
net- community networks
mil - military
int - international organizations


To find websites from other countries, use the Country Domain Codes:


floods images site:in

Will exclusively retrieve websites from India