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Documentary Film Research Methods

Prof. Brew Spring 2012

Biographical Information


•Use Encyclopedias for basic information regarding your topic, the "what" "who" "where" and "when" that define your topic.
•It's fine to start with Wikipedia  and sites like to get some basic information and References.
•Don't rely on just one source, compare several sources to check for contradictions, inconsistencies, or gaps


General Encylopedias in the Library

Encyclopedia Britannica

Includes dictionaries, timelines, geographical information


Subject Encyclopedias

Use BobCat to find specialized encyclopedias:

Use Subject Keyword "Encyclopedias" in combination with Keywords that describe your topic:

Social &Political Issues

CQ Researcher
At Bobst Library ONLY -
•You must be inside Bobst to use this database
CQ Researcher provides overviews, chronologies, bibliographies on topics of public policy such as abortion, race, education, etc.
A good place to start exploring contemporary socio-political issues


At Bobst Library, Connect via
Select "Articles via Databases" under the "Find Resources" tab