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2021-22 TNS Libraries Updates and Resources

Online Materials

Finding E-Books

When looking e-book, use the search bar on The New School Libraries website

Some tips & tricks for searching are:

  • Simple Search results contain all the words used. These may match words in a title, author names, subjects, abstract, or other fields.
  • Advanced Search pre-limits a search to specific fields, material types, and publication dates
  • The asterisk (*) can be truncate a word. [octop* = octopuses, octopi, octopods, octopodes]
  • Enclosing a search in quotes (" ") returns results that are an exact match ["happy birthday"].
  • Boolean Logic is supported.- Use precision search queries such as AND, OR and NOT.
    • "honey bee communication" – the library catalog treats the entire query as an exact phrase.
    • '"Honey bee" AND communication' will garner results with the phrase "honey bee" and the word communication, but not as a phrase.
    • '"Honey bee" OR communication' will show all results with the phrase "honey bee," all results with the word 'communication,' and all results with both.
    • 'Programmers NOT php' retrieves all items which have the word 'programmers', but will filter/remove results containing the term 'php'.

Learn also how to access our e-book databases with the E-Books at The New School Guide

To look for a specific book, go to The New School Libraries website & type in the title of the book in the search bar.

You will find your book on the results page. You may even find multiple versions of the same book! But be careful--some of these results may be book reviews rather than the actual book itself.

Click on the title of the edition you want to find to learn which library the book is in, to see if it's available electronically, or to request it from another library!

To browse for books in the library catalog, go to The New School Libraries website & type the subject you would like to study in the search bar.

On the results page, you'll find books, articles, audio, video, and much more related to your subject!

On the left-hand side, you can narrow down your results by topics such as resource type, library location, subject, author, date, and more!

There are multiple ways to get a book if we do not have it at The New School Libraries: