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Fashion Design Collections in the Kellen Design Archives

An overview of materials available for researchers interested in exploring the history of fashion using the Kellen Design Archives.

A Tip About Searching in a Catalog

If you cannot find materials in a catalog using a keyword search or a subject search, think about some alternative words that would describe what you are seeking.

The archives and library staff members who create catalog records choose broad subject headings that describe the general essence of collections, not specific items. Ask a reference librarian for help searching in the catalog, or contact the Kellen Design Archives directly to discuss your research topic.

Helpful Search Terms

The following list contains common library catalog subjects to use when searching for fashion-related collections. The Kellen Design Archives uses many of these terms when we catalog our collections in Bobcat.

Advertising - - Fashion.

Children’s clothing.

Clothing and dress.

Clothing trade.


Costume design.

Costume designers.

Fashion and art.

Fashion design.

Fashion designers.

Fashion drawing. (Use this when looking for fashion illustration as a


Fashion illustrators. (Use this when looking for fashion illustration

as a profession).

Fashion merchandising.

Fashion shows.

Fashion writers. (Use this for fashion journalists).

Fashion writing. (Use this for fashion journalism).



Men’s clothing.

Men’s clothing industry.



Show windows. (Use this for window displays.)


Women designers.

Women’s clothing.

Women’s clothing industry.

The terms above are often followed by a geographic term. If you are looking for fashion or dress related to a particular state or country and you get a lot of hits, try refining your search by adding a geographic term. Example: Fashion design -- France.