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List of Collected Editions Held by The New School Libraries (work in progress)

Since our collected editions are stored in a few different places and they are also a little difficult to to find within our catalog, I started compiling a list for my own reference. Not long after I started putting the list together, it occurred to me that other people might find it useful as well. So, here it is. I hope that it comes in handy, and please send me any questions, comments, or corrections. You can email me from the box on the lower left side of this page.

Each title is a link to the corresponding listing in the catalog, and you will also see an annotation about whether the set resides in the cabinets (second floor gallery of Arnhold Hall), the Reading Room, (at the end of the long hallway on the second floor of Arnhold Hall), or in offsite storage (must be requested and retrieved-- ask me how!). 

Call numbers are included, flush with the right margin of the document. The frame doesn't allow for the right margin to be visible, so you need to drag the bottom scroll bar over to the right to see them. Sorry about that! 

Finally, if a catalog link doesn't work for you, let me know. A lot of the links predate the current version of our catalog, and link out to an obsolete page. I'm working through them one by one to repair this.