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Active and Tracked Opps

ACTIVE OPPS: These are your most important records: they appear on your homepage as soon as you log in. You can receive e-mail alerts regarding any changes to these.

TRACKED OPPS: These are opportunities you consider of secondary importance. You will automatically receive e-mail updates, unless you uncheck the box to do so after expanding the record.

Saving Searches

After running a search, you can save the query by clicking on just that phrase in the upper right hand corner of the hits page. By then clicking on the search from your homepage you can 1) run the search 2) delete it 3) tell the database to send you an e-mail after running the search every week 4) share the search with someone else 5) Edit the search 6) put the search in a folder

Shared Opps, Advisor

From your account page, you can also look at records you have shared, records sent to you from colleagues, and also records sent by the institution. Also, you can look at records sent to you by the automated advisor, based on your professional profile.