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Signing Up

Creating an account allows you to begin saving searches for funding, track important opportunities, and share funding with potential collaborators once you are logged in to Pivot.

  1. Click on Sign up, in the upper right corner.
  2. You'll be sent an e-mail to confirm your account


Advantages of Creating an Account

For Funding Opportunities

You can create folders containing:

Active Opps: those funding opportunities that are the most important to you. It’s your “short list” of your highest priority funding opportunities.

Tracked Opps: those opportunities you want to keep your eye on, but are not critical or high-priority for you.

Searches: Pivot allows you to save your search queries and receive weekly funding alerts that identify any newly added or updated opportunities that match your query. You can view the new and updated opportunities for the current alert week (indicated by the counts of funding opps) by clicking on the name of the saved search. Searches can be organized into folders (all naming is under your control). Pick three (folders or individual searches) to appear on your homepage for a quick overview before viewing the full list of saved searches.

Shared Opps: Click the Shared tab to view opportunities shared with you from colleagues or the research office. Click on the sender’s name to get their contact information to follow up with them. In addition, you can take action on opps shared with you (add to Active, Tracked, or Dismiss and remove) and view messages from the sender. You can keep track of opps you have shared with others as well.

For Profiles

"Claim" your profile if your information has already been pulled from our website, or create a profile. This allows you to post a CV, publications, and information concerning your expertise, and search other profiles.


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