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Design and Technology

Guide to resources at The New School Libraries for BFA and MFA Design and Technology students

Finding Periodicals

Periodicals are written resources that come out periodically
These resources may be released daily, monthly, bimonthly or quarterly. Some examples of periodicals are: Academic Journals, Newspapers, & Magazines. 

Why do you want to look at periodicals?
Popular periodicals, such as magazines or newspapers, offer accurate depictions of the time that they were published. They can often be used as primary sources. You may find some excellent photographs in Vogue, or a relevant article in The New York Times.
Academic periodicals, like journals, will give you an authoritative analysis of its topic. These journals are often 'peer-reviewed,' which means that other scholars in the field have vetted and approved it for publication.

How do I know if a citation is for a book or a periodical article?
Citations for journal articles will have the article's title, the journal's title, a volume & issue number. It does not have the name of a publisher or a location of publication.
Chicago Style Template & Example:
Author Last Name, Author First Name. "Article Title." Journal Name Volume # (Year Published): Page Numbers.
Roces, Mina. "Dress, Status, and Identity in the Philippines: Pineapple Fiber Cloth and Ilustrado Fashion." Fashion Theory 17 (2013): 341-372.
You can find a specific periodical -- a journal, newspaper, or magazine -- by searching for the periodical title in the New School Libraries search bar.
On the left-hand side, go to Resource Type and narrow down to Journals even if it is a magazine or newspaper.
All periodicals at The New School Libraries are listed as 'Journals,' even if they are newspapers or magazines.
If your professor asks you to find a specific article, they may give you a citation like this:
Roces, Mina. "Dress, Status, and Identity in the Philippines: Pineapple Fiber Cloth and Ilustrado Fashion." Fashion Theory 17 (2013): 341-372.
You can find this article by searching for the title, "Dress, Status, and Identity in the Philippines: Pineapple Fiber Cloth and Ilustrado Fashion" in the search bar on the New School Libraries website.
Search the Consortium Libraries
If we do not have a specific article or periodical, you can search for them in the consortium catalogs by clicking on the 'Books and More + Articles' drop down at the top of the catalog page.
You may also go to the individual library websites for NYU and Cooper Union.

Interlibrary Loan
If an article is unavailable through The New School, NYU, or Cooper Union Libraries, you may request it be delivered to you through Interlibrary Loan.
Please note that this may take anywhere from 2 days - 8 weeks.


Current issues of print periodicals are shelved in the Periodicals Collection on the 6th floor of the University Center.  We subscribe to:

Animation Journal

Computer Arts

Game Developer

Older issues are bound and can be requested from offsite.  Request physical delivery of an entire issue, or a scan of an article