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Fashion Marketing and Forecasting

A guide to library resources for fashion marketing students and fashion designers interested in the business side of fashion.

Market Research

Business Source Complete

Perform an advanced search with these keywords in the Title field:

  • Womenswear Industry Profile + [country name or region (Europe, Asia-Pacific)]
  • Menswear Industry Profile + [country name]
  • Childrenswear Industry Profile + [country name]
  • Footwear Industry Profile + [country name]
  • Apparel Retail Industry Profile + [country name]
  • Apparel + Non-Apparel Manufacturing Industry Profile + [country name]

There are also global industry profiles:

  • High Street fashion retailers industry profile
  • Global apparel retail industry profile
  • Global footwear industry profile
  • Apparel, accessories & luxury goods industry profile

Demographic & Psychographic Research

Library Databases

Outside Resources 

Trade & Industry Statistics