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Integrative Studio and Seminar Faculty Guide

Resources and information for instructors teaching PUFY 1000-1001 and PUFY 1010-1011

Research in Integrative Seminar 2

Inquiry (weeks 1-2)

Examine and critically or conceptually "dissect" objects of art and design to understand role of research in conception and creation. Review information literacy, source assessment, and research skills acquired in Integratives 1.  

Context & Investigation (weeks 3-5)

Suggested Archives exercises

Interpretation & Argument (weeks 6-8)

Begin research project, using primary and secondary sources.
Visit Archives for individual research projects.
Write annotated bibliography and form preliminary thesis statement.

Connections (weeks 9-11)

Write an outline and be poised to write a first draft of research paper

Reflection and Presentation (weeks 12-15)

Complete 7-page, 4,000-word research paper that includes a thesis, title, introduction, and conclusion; citation of all primary and secondary sources using Chicago Manual of Style; and properly formatted references to illustrations.


Core readings (80% of readings) will be automatically added to each section's Course Reserves page in Canvas.  Use Canvas to request additional readings.  

Textbook for Integrative Seminar 2 (available as ebook):


The four inflections for Integrative Studio and Seminar 2 correspond with the four schools at Parsons and therefore, our subject research guides may be helpful when performing subject-specific research.  In addition, we have some suggested primary sources that are available through library databases.

Community Engagement

Strategic Design and Management
Urban Design
NYC Neighborhoods

Constructed Environments

Interior Design
Product Design


Fashion Design
Fashion Studies

Visual Culture

Graphic and Communication Design
Design and Technology
Fine Arts