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Integrative Studio and Seminar Faculty Guide

Resources and information for instructors teaching PUFY 1000-1001 and PUFY 1010-1011

Research in Integrative Seminar 1

In weeks 10-13, students work on a research project consisting of 5-7 pages that incorporates:

1. A well-considered research question and thesis statement

See The Craft of Research for strategies on discussing these concepts with students.  This book is used more extensively in Integrative Seminar 2.

2. An annotated bibliography

See the University Learning Center's student resources and additional guides on writing an annotated bibliography.  

3. Observational and textual research

4. Proper citation (notes and bibliography) in Chicago Manual style

The manual is available online through the Libraries.  View the Quick Guide for examples of citations.  The library orientation will cover how to access the Chicago Manual of Style.


Core readings (80% of readings) will be automatically added to each section's Course Reserves page in Canvas.  Use Canvas to request additional readings (see previously-assigned).  

Textbook for Language-Assisted sections (available as ebook):

Library resources for suggested exercises and assignments (Research segment)

In-class Research Exercise 1: Effective Internet searching

At-home Writing Exercise 1: Find five reliable sources.  Librarian's suggestion: perhaps compare and contrast (1) Internet search, (2) book, (3) newspaper or magazine article, and (4) journal article on same subject.  

In-class Research Exercise 2: Please see Objects as History Research Guide, Art and Visual Culture Research GuideDesign Studies Research Guide, or another Subject Research Guide for suggestions on resources for researching an artist, designer, artwork, or design.

At-Home Writing Exercise 2:  Artist biography based on Internet resources.  Librarian's suggestion: perhaps add one library resource such as an encyclopedia entry, book, or article.

Course Keywords

These research ideas are topics that are suitable for library research.

Avatar - connected identities

Research ideas: African Masks, Online Identities, Games, Superheroes/Comics, Artists who deal with multiple identities such as Cindy Sherman, Nikki S. Lee

Fake - real vs. fake

Research ideas: Mass-produced design (Ikea, Zara), Punk fashion, Camouflage

Memory - commemorating or remembering

Research ideas: Art memorials in New York City

Shift - moving

Research ideas: Earth art, Immigration