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Integrative Seminar and Studio Faculty Guide

Resources and information for instructors teaching PUFY 1000-1001 and PUFY 1010-1011

Library Instruction Formats

Library Instruction Formats 

Librarians can partner with faculty to provide the following instruction formats. 

  • Workshop: The librarian will work with the students to workshop their research project.
  • Peer-to-peer learning session: The librarian will facilitate a session where students learn together and from each other. This model allows students to work in groups and show each other how to effectively search and find information based on their topic.
  • Traditional information literacy session: The librarians will focus on online presence, our Books & More Search, our Databases A-Z page, and physical spaces. 

Topics Covered in Library Instruction

Integrative Seminar 1 Online Tutorial

  • How to use the library website
  • Where to find research help 
  • How to use the "Books & More" search
  • How to access library databases
  • How to find subject specific databases
  • Where to find subject librarians 
  • When to use database search tips
  • How to search databases 

Integrative Seminar 2 

Possible learning outcomes for second semester first-year students. 

  • Use library search tools to explore literature and develop a research question
  • Explore database search strategies for finding relevant research
  • Understand the difference between scholarly resources and popular resources, finding scholarly and popular resources
  • Learn how to request items and use resource-sharing arrangements like InterLibrary Loan
  • Learn the difference between books and articles; read an article citation; request articles
  • Access and understand the Chicago Manual of Style Quick Guide
  • Learn how to find, use, and evaluate information on the Web
  • Become acquainted with subject-specific databases
  • Become acquainted with research guides for their subjects, including general layout of locations of materials  
  • Learn how to find, use, and cite visual resources using the Images for Designers and Art Researchers Guide
  • Become acquainted with locations of and collections at the New School and Consortium libraries

Advanced Research Seminar (ARS) 

Possible learning outcomes for third-year students. 

  • Dive deeper into subject-specific materials and databases
  • Learn how to create an account in, push citations to, and create bibliographies in RefWorks
  • Understand the difference between primary and secondary sources; find primary sources