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Integrative Seminar and Studio Faculty Guide

Resources and information for instructors teaching PUFY 1000-1001 and PUFY 1010-1011

Topics covered in library instruction

Integrative Seminar 1 online tutorial

  1. How to check out books and other materials 
  2. How to find e-books
  3. Accessing library databases
  4. Database search tips
  5. Getting research help
  6. The Libraries in Canvas
  7. Research Guides
  8. Chicago Manual of Style

Integrative Seminar 2 possible learning outcomes

  • Use library search tools to explore literature and develop a research question
  • Explore database search strategies for finding relevant research
  • Understand the difference between scholarly resources and popular resources, finding scholarly and popular resources
  • Learn how to request items and use resource-sharing arrangements like InterLibrary Loan
  • Learn the difference between books and articles; read an article citation; request articles
  • Access and understand the Chicago Manual of Style Quick Guide
  • Learn how to find, use, and evaluate information on the Web
  • Become acquainted with subject-specific databases
  • Become acquainted with research guides for their subjects, including general layout of locations of materials  
  • Learn how to find, use, and cite visual resources using the Images for Designers and Art Researchers Guide
  • Become acquainted with locations of and collections at the New School and Consortium libraries

ARS (3rd-year) possible learning outcomes

  • Dive deeper into subject-specific materials and databases
  • Learn how to create an account in, push citations to, and create bibilographies in, RefWorks
  • Understand the difference between primary and secondary sources; find primary sources