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Finding Streaming Video Content

The New School Libraries licenses thousands of hours of streaming video across a wide range of genres and subjects. Current students, faculty, and staff can watch it all for free! But how do you find it?

Search for Videos from the Library's Homepage

Search for films exactly the same way you would look for books in the library collections. You can use titles, directors' names, and principal actors as search terms.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Search & Discover

Let's try using "ridley scott" for our search terms. Click the right arrow when you are ready for Step 2. 

library search box with

Step 2: Filter by resource type

Now look at the filters that appear on the left side. Under "resource type" select "videos". Click the right arrow to see step 3.

library search filters video and videos

Step 3 - filter availability = online access

Under the "show only" filter, select "available online" and then click "Apply Filters" Click the right arrow to see step 4.

library search filter for online access

Step 4: Select a video.

 Hey, look! It's Thelma & Louise! What a great film. To see details, click the title. To watch the movie right away, click the "Available" link. Click the right arrow to see the final step.

library search apply your selected filters

Enjoy the show!

The video will open in a new tab. Click the play button and enjoy! Click the right arrow to begin again.

Blade Runner opens in a new tab