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A guide to print and electronic resources available at The New School Libraries.

Find Books

Search the 'Books & More' tab on the library website using keywords in the title, author, or subject, or the ISBN.

  • Ebooks can be accessed through links under the 'Online Access' section of the page.

  • Physical books are arranged using Library of Congress classification.  The New School students can borrow or request materials to pick up at any of our locations:

    • University Center Library (63 Fifth Avenue, 6th & 7th Floors): Art, Design, Technology
    • List Center Library (6 E. 16th Street, 8th Floor): Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Performing Arts Library (55 West 13th Street, 2nd Floor): Music, Dance, Theater

View Access and Borrowing info and renew books (My Account) on the library website.  Most books can be borrowed for 16 weeks and renewed twice.

Use Consortium Libraries (NYU, Cooper Union, New York School of Interior Design) with your New School ID card.

Three ways to find related books:

  1. Click on subject headings in the library catalog.
  2. Browse the shelf to find books under the same call number.
  3. Look up books and articles referenced in literature.

Login to the library catalog to see more access options:

  • Offsite: Request items by clicking on the arrow to the right of the item listing and clicking on "Request Item."  You will receive an email when the item is available, 1-2 days.  
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL): Recommended for books or articles not available through the library catalog.  To request, login to your ILL account.  See our FAQ for detailed instructions.

METRO: Resource-sharing service for New York City area libraries. Onsite access only (no borrowing privileges). 

WorldCat: Search WorldCat, a union catalog of library holdings around the world.  

Request a Purchase of any books that you need for your research.

The New School subscribes to several E-book Databases.  Full-text searching is possible when searching within individual ebook databases.

Google Books can be used as a tool to search inside books.  Locate books using our library catalog.

New Books

A selection of new architecture books. 

Call Numbers

Design Call Numbers
Accessibility NA 2545
Acoustics NA 2800
Architectural Design NA 2750
CAD NA 2728
Color NA 2795
Competitions NA 2350
Composition NA 2760
Daylighting NA 2794
Decoration NA 3310-4050
Decorative Arts NA 2808-9611
Doors and Windows NA 3000
Details / Ornaments NA 2840
Drawing / Illustration NA 2695-2709
Furniture Design NK 2205-2715
Graphic Standards TH 2031
Interior Design NA 2850, NK 1710-2195
Lighting TH 7703-7975, TK
Models NA 2790
Profession NA 1995
Rendering TH 3401, 4816


Materials, Construction and Systems Call Numbers
Carpentry TH 5606
Construction TH 145
Engineering TA
Exterior Walls TH 2235
Floors TH 2325
HVAC TH 7011
Materials NA 4100
   Concrete NA 4125, TH 1201
   Glass NA 4140
   Iron, Steel NA 3950, NA 4135, TH 1611
   Masonry NA 4119, TH 1301
   Natural TH 4818
   Wood NA 4110, TH 1101
Mechanical and Electrical Systems TH 6010-6021
Renovation and Restoration TH 3401, 4816
Solar Heating TH 7413-7414


Building and Structure Types Call Numbers
Airports NA 6290-6910
Bridges TG
Commercial NA 6210
   Construction of TH 4311
   Office Design HF
Domestic / Residential / Houses NA 7110-7208
   American NA 7205
   American Regional NA 7235-7238
   Apartments NA 7860
   Castles / Palaces NA 7710
   Construction of TH 4811
   Country Houses NA 7561
   Small NA 7201
   Styles NA 7244-7512
   Villas NA 7594
   World NA 7244-8512
Farm NA 8208-8210
Healthcare R (List Center)
Hotels NA 7800
Museums NA 6695-6700
Prefab NA 8480, TH 4819
Public NA 4170-4510
Religious NA 4590-6183
Rail stations NA 6290-6310
Restaurants NA 7840
Schools LB (List Center)
Skyscrapers NA 6230, TH 845
Theaters NA 6821


Architectural History Call Numbers
General NA 200
Ancient NA 210-327
Greek NA 210-327
Roman NA 210-327
Medieval NA 350
Byzantine NA 370
Islamic NA 380
Romanesque NA 390
Gothic NA 440
Renaissance NA 510
Baroque NA 590
Neoclassical NA 600
Gothic Revival NA 610
Queen Anne NA 630
Georgian NA 640
Modern NA 642
19th Century NA 645
20th Century NA 680
21st Century NA 687
Geography Call Numbers
American NA 705
   Architects NA 737
   Central-American NA 800s
   Latin-American NA 702, NA 800s
   Mexican NA 750
   New York NA 735
   Periods NA 707-712
   Regional NA 715-735
European NA 950
   Austrian NA 1010-1011
   British NA 966-997
   Dutch NA 1148-1153
   French NA 1041-1053
   German NA 1066-1088
   Italian NA 1114-1123
   Ottoman / Turkish NA 1364
   Russian NA  1181
   Scandinavian NA 1201
   Spanish NA 1301-1313
Asian NA 1460
   Middle Eastern NA 1476-1480
   Indian NA 1501
   Southeast Asian NA 1521-1526
   Chinese NA 1540-1547
   Japanese NA 1550-1559
Australian NA 1600


Architectural Topics Call Numbers
Housing HD (List Center)
Landscape Architecture, Gardens SB (List Center)
New York F (List Center)
Playgrounds GV (List Center)
Streets HE (List Center)
Subways TE
Sustainability NA 2540-5242, TD, TH 4812
Theory NA 2500
Urban Planning HT (List Center)