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Newspapers and Magazines

How to Find Newspaper Articles

Newspapers and Magazines Databases

•Use Advanced Search to take full advantage of all available search strategies and filters.
•Check off the Full text box to limit search results to articles available full text in this collection.
•If the Full text box hasn't been checked you might find citations to articles that do not include full text.
Click on the S.F.X. icon to have our catalog searched for another collection that might provide the full text article needed.
•Quotation Marks
Keep search phrases together with quotation marks: for example "affordable housing." If you type two or more words without quotation marks, results will include articles where both words appear randomly.
Use an asterisk * to expand your search to variations of a word. Example: histor* will include history, histories, historical, historically
•Publication Title
Open the "Anywhere" box on the right of the search box and select Publication Title if you want to search through a particular newspaper or magazine (e.g. New York Amsterdam News).
Click on Publications on the upper left hand of the Proquest Newsstand banner to browse or search a list of all publications in the collection.
•Document Type
On the Advanced Search page, scroll down to select Document Type if you are looking for a specific genre of article, e.g. Interview or Letter to the Editor

•On the Results page use the menu on the left to select:

•Source Type (newspaper, magazine, etc), Publication Date or a Subject facet.

•You can also Sort your results list by date (most recent first or oldest first)

NOTE: The Proquest platform interface is hosting a large number of current and historical newspaper and magazine collections - most search tips above apply across the board to all Proquest collections.

•Use Advanced Options to set a date range and select sources.

•Use Search the News box for news searches by Source Type (e.g. Broadcast Transcripts) or Source Title (e.g. New York Times)