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NYC Political Information

NYC Census Factfinder

The NYC Population Factfinder provides easy access to U. S. Census Bureau population information for New York City.

•Search by Address, Intersection, Place of Interest, Census Tract, Subway Station, or Neighborhood.

•Use the Select tool on the Interactive Map to choose a Census Tract or Neighborhood Tabulation Area.

NYC Community Data Portal

The NYC Community Portal provides access to Community District Profiles, Data Resources and Projects/Proposals for each of the Community Districts in the five boroughs of NYC. Includes statistical data from the 2010 census and from selected years of the American Community Survey, where available.

Published by the NYC Department of City Planning


Bytes of the Big Apple

New York City Planning Board
Data and geographic base map files for the City of New York, zoning and land use maps. Includes detailed zoning policy and program descriptions.

Additional Data Sources