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Remote Research in the Archives

The archivists at The New School created this guide to help you navigate the world of researching archives from the safety of your home. We hope you can use these tips into the future when more archives -- including The New School Archives -- re-open for

Publicly Accessible Databases

Beyond The New School Archives, there is a wealth of digital archives on almost every topic. If you’re looking for primary sources, such as historical photographs or oral histories, these databases will likely be much more helpful than a Google search. Don’t forget, you can always contact for help on locating and using digital archives.


Digital Public Library of America: Search and browse digital materials, including text, images, and videos, from archives around the country.


Europeana: Like the Digital Public Library of America, but for Europe!


Internet Archive: Videos, images, books, music. Use their Wayback Machine to search archived versions of websites.


Library of Congress digital collections: Photographs, historic newspapers, maps, and more from throughout American history.


UmbraSearch: Items from thousands of archives, libraries, and museums related to African American history.


Subscription Databases

You must be logged into your New School account for access:


History Reference Center: Historical documents, photos, maps, and video


Archives Unbound: Topically-focused digital collections of historical documents.


Artstor: Digital library of high-quality images from cultural institutions