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Global Studies

Global Studies Research Seminar

Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews synthesize primary research literature and identify the principal contributions in each field. Each review essay includes a comprehensive bibliography.

•You can set up Alerts to find out if a new review containing your search keywords has been published.

•Use ISI Web of Knowledge Cited Reference Searching to update information from older Annual Reviews articles

Finding Periodicals

Finding Journal Citations

When you have the exact Citation to a journal article:

Use the Journals A-Z tab in BobCat to find out if Fogelman Library provides full text online.



Your advisor suggests that you read the following article - this is your Citation:

Holtzman, Deborah
Viral Hepatitis: Continuning the Dialogue. American Journal of Public Health; Aug 2010, Vol. 100 Issue 8, p1369-1369

•Link to Periodical Searcher and type in American Journal of Public Health (Exact Match)

When selecting an online version of the journal, make sure the coverage matches the date you need

Check BobCat for online and/or print copies of journals in the Bobst Library

•You must go into Bobst Library to use NYU online journals