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Media Smart Citizens

This is a guide about media literacy in partnership with Media Smart Citizens (

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Linda Saint Marc
Media Smart Citizens, Program Founder
Associate Professor of Professional Practice

The New School, School of Media Studies
79 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003


This is a guide about media literacy in partnership with The New School Libraries and Media Smart Citizens

Media Smart Citizens (MSC) believes that media literacy education is an essential part of living in the 21st Century. In a world where an understanding of how communication platforms, messages, and technology function is becoming a required skill set, having knowledge of media and information literacy is a vital component of our mission. Media Smart Citizens (MSC) is dedicated to fostering a diverse community of individuals committed to the advancement of media and information literacy. Media Smart Citizens provide the public with accessible media knowledge to critically examine content, evaluate sources, and use technology wisely to responsibly express themselves. 

Media Smart Citizens is a proud member of The UNESCO MIL Alliance, a groundbreaking effort to promote international cooperation to ensure that all citizens have access to media and information competencies. The UNESCO MIL Alliance is a joint initiative of UNESCO and other key stakeholders such as the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), UNICEF, Open Society Foundation, IREX, European Commission, and other UN agencies and international development partners who agree to come on board in future. Join and follow Media Smart Citizens on their website, Instagram account, and LinkedIn account

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