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Objects as History: From Prehistory to Industrialization

A guide to research tools, resources, techniques for PLHT 1000

Art History textbook

For print copies of the 6th edition of Art History by Stokstad and Cothren, students can:

For ebook copies, students can:

For interactive ebook copies, Pearson has the Revel learning platform.  If the instructor signs up for a Pearson "educator" account and adopts the REVEL for Art History product, students can then purchase and access the interactive Stokstad Revel 6th edition with the instructor's course code.

Students can also borrow various older editions including the 4th edition and 2nd edition from the library consortium.

Free Online Resources for Art History

1. Smarthistory
2. Met's Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History
3. National Emergency Library at the Internet Archive assorted titles
5. Art History Teaching Resource (AHTR)
6. Possible continued access to Stokstad via VitalSource or Red Shelf

About this Guide

This is the research guide for the Parsons First Year course, Objects as History.

Most research papers for this class should use these types of resources:

1. Background Information / Reference

2. Books  It's not easy, but it is possible to do research without using print resources.  Try ebooks and requesting book chapters via Interlibrary Loan

3. Journal Articles

    Recommended online resources:

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