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Web of Science

Journal Articles

Step 1: Select Cited References Search

Connect to the Web of Science (WoS) database (log in with your New School credentials if prompted)

Click on Cited References tab

Step 2: Article Citation Entry

Enter information about the work you know:

Example - The Article I Know is:
Duehr, Emily E.; Bono, Joyce E. "Men, women and managers: are stereotypes finally changing?" Personnel Psychology, Winter 2006, Vol. 59 Issue 4, p815-846.
IMPORTANT: For journal articles, the Cited Work is the Name of the Journal, not the title of the article!
Follow the pattern: author last name first initial and by abbreviating with an *
Volume and page numbers are not necessarily needed
Click on Search

Step 3: Results List

This list shows you how the Duehr article has been cited in other articles. You can select all by clicking the top Check Box on the upper left of the listing and then See Results

Step 4: Articles Citing the Original Article

There are 159 articles that cite the Duehr article. Each box represents a citing article.

Step 5: Filter Results

Use the Refine Results filters on the left to narrow down your results list to the articles most relevant to your research. Use the Search Within Results box to add a pertinent keyword (keep in mind that there is no fulltext in this database). Major filters are: Publication Years, Document Types, Web of Science Categories (subject areas, e.g. anthropology), Publication Title. Scroll to explore all filter options to maximize the relevance of your results for your purposes. 

Step 6: Citing Article Details

This is one of the articles that includes the Duehr article in its references. Bibliographic information and abstracts are included for all articles in WoS, as well as article author information. Full text links are given when available.

Step 7: Citation Network

On the Citation Network panel (right side) you can see:

How often this article itself has been cited as a Citation by others (two times) -  Click on the number to see the citing articles

How many Cited References this article has used (52) - Click on the number to see the list of references (one of them being the original Duehr article)

What Related Records there are that in turn cite at least one of the 52 references this article cited. Click on View Related Records to see a list of articles that share references with this one.