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History of Design & Curatorial Studies

A guide for students in the MAMA History of Design & Curatorial Studies offered in conjunction with the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum.


METALWORK NK 6400-8459

6510   Enameling, coloring, etc. 7250 Sheffield Plate.
6520 Chasing, engraving, etc. 7300-7399 Jewelry.
6530 Hammered works and its imitations. 7400-7419 Crown jewels, insignia.
6335 Modeling of metal. 7440-7459 Rings.
6600-6699 Arms and armor. 7480-7499 Watches and clocks.
6700-6799 Swords and sword guards. 7650 Precious stones.
6900-6999 Firearms. Guns and pistols. 7660 Diamonds.
7000-7099 Coins and medals. 7680 Pearls.
7100-7199 Gold and silver. Plate. Jewelry. 7690 Others, A-Z.
7210 Hallmarks and other marks. 7695 Miscellaneous.
7215 Ecclesiastical plate. 7800-7899 Brasses.
7218 Misscellaneous plate. 7900-7999 Bronzes.
7220 Gold plate. 8100 Copper-work.
7230 Silver. 8200-8299 Iron-work.
7235 Spoons. 8350 Lead-work.
7240 Silver plated ware. 8400-8419 Pewter.