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Professional Reading

To read about the history and practice of journalism in a particular field, such as art, music, sports or fashion, go to the Libraries' portal and do a search using following the pattern:

my topic journalism

Example: music journalism

You will get a results list of articles, book chapters and books about the art and craft of music journalism.

General professional practice books about journalism can be found by doing a search in the Advanced Search mode and changing the "Any Field" drop box to Subject and then entering the keywords: journalism handbooks


Journalist's Resource: Research on Today's News Topics (Harvard Kennedy School) Tip Sheets, Data Resources and more

On the Media Public Radio show on media and news issues

Pew Research Center: Journalism and Media Research on media and journalism landscape, incl. Datasets and State of the Media



Society of Professional Journalists Includes a "Journalist's Toolbox" with Copy Editing Resources and Photojournalism Links

Asian American Journalists Association Includes Mediawatch

National Association of Black Journalists Includes a Career Center

National Association of Hispanic Journalists Includes Career Center

Native American Journalists Association Includes Resources for reporting on Native American issues

Association of LGBTQ Journalists Includes a LGBTQ Stylebook

International Journalists Network Tons of resources on journalism, incl. Audio and Video, Data Journalism, Social Media, etc.

International Center for Journalists Focus on training and networking journalists from around the world, with strong emphasis on Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East

Professional Society of Drone Journalists

Reporters Without Borders Includes World Press Freedom Index