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Journalism & Design


Snopes is a highly regarded fact checking website for news stories, and research on rumors and misinformation.

Fact Tank

Biographical Information

Internet Resources

Gateway to US government information - includes statistics, historical information

Can be used both for fact checking and as primary source material


World Factbook (aka CIA Factbook)
"Provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues."
Includes maps, timezones, etc.  Ability to create comparison tables



Designed with journalists in mind, you can search this network of 25,000 experts



•Use Encyclopedias for basic information regarding your topic, the "what" "who" "where" and "when" that define your topic.
•It's fine to start with Wikipedia  and sites like to get some basic information and References.
•Don't rely on just one source, compare several sources to check for contradictions, inconsistencies, or gaps


General Encylopedias in the Library

Encyclopedia Britannica

Includes dictionaries, timelines, geographical information


Subject Encyclopedias

Use BobCat to find specialized encyclopedias:

Use Subject Keyword "Encyclopedias" in combination with Keywords that describe your topic: